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"Shoes with removable insoles"
Shoes for removable insoles, large selection of shoes made for orthotics, specialist retailer for fitting shoes

"Aerodyn Orthotics"

will send you a kit to make impressions of your feet and then make custom orthotics based on the returned impressions.

"Alush Orthopedics"

manufactures accessories such as walking-aids, instruments for spinal problems,computerized foot supports, back belts and orthopedic shoes.

"AOL International"

the Australian Orthotic Laboratory is an international manufacturer and supplier of wide range of biomechanical footwear & footcare products.

"Arch Crafters"

ArchCrafters has a complete line of CustomComfort insoles, providing the ultimate in comfort without compromise and is proud to announce the introduction of a new brand of high quality, Custom Comfort Sandals with styles designed for men and women.

"Arcopedico Shoes"

sales of Arcopedico Shoes, a unique line of handmade shoes with woven nylon uppers, cork footbeds, and injected soles.


Brands include children shoes, athletic and seasonal footwear, industrial boots, casual and dress shoes.

"Bio Ped Franchising Inc."

mission of Bio Ped is to improve the walking function for people of all ages with foot or lower limb disorders through the design, manufacture or distribution of high quality, premium foot support systems, footwear or related devices at fair prices and profits.

"Carlascio Orthopedics"

prosthesis and orthoses and custom made shoes from prescription.

"Circle City Medical, Inc"

specializing in orthopedic anatomical supports, orthopedic braces and support hosiery.


supplies extra-roomy footwear for people with swollen feet, sufferers of diabetes and lymphoedema and so on.

"Crary Shoes"

We are custom shoemakers trained to recognize the fitting of footwear as a science,and the process of shoemaking as an art .

"F.lli Tommasi"

manufacturing of orthopedic shoes

"Finn Comfort"

Walking shoes, sandals, and boots.

"Foot Dynamics"

specialize in custom foot orthotics, support products and footwear counseling, serving pedestrians and athletes world wide.

"Foot Levelers, Inc"

provider of custom-made foot orthotics, sandalthotics, pillows, and rehabilitation equipment.

"Footform Laboratories/ RBS, Inc."

comfortable orthotic insoles & shoes for distressed feet.


Our facility specializes in custom design and fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic devices

"Gentamed AG"

producer of Orthoshu, a heel supported shoe that relieves weight and strain from the forefoot. Partner is a unique companion shoe that provides a level plain for standing and walking. Both are designed to be worn postoperatively following forefoot surgery.

"Grundman Shoes"

manufacturer and retailer of custom-corrective and regular shoes and boots.

"Indutrias del Calzado de Almansa, S.L."

special page diabetic shoes line and others.

"Langer Biomechanics Group, Inc."

offers a selection of materials and orthotic device designs available to foot care specialists.

"Lobo Foot Orthotics"

custom made; available by mail.

"MMAR Medical Group"

Offers geriatric orthotics, diabetic

"New foot Protection for Bedridden Diabetics"

Have you ever heard the term "Pressure Ulceration?" The chafing of the sheets and the weight of the blankets constantly abrade these poorly circulated feet.


group of private practice companies who have joined together to provide quality Orthotics & Prosthetic services, at cost-effective fees, and contract with health care payers throughout New Jersey.

"Ortho-Dynamics Orthotics Laboratory"

Manufacturer offers custom (prescription only) and pre-molded foot orthotics for conditions including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, heel spurs, heel pain, flat feet and bunions.

"Orthopedic Suppliers"

for all your orthotic, prosthetic, medical, walking ,compression therapy, wheelchair, nursing and orthopedic needs

"Otafuku Sangyo Corporation Ltd."

has developed a line of magnetic footwear (sandals, shoes, slippers, insoles, etc.) that does exactly that. Because our magnetic footwear utilize a permanent magnet with proven effectiveness, they have even been officially approved as a medical appliance by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.


Pedors are orthopedic shoes for various foot complaints. Specifically designed for people with Diabetes and Arthritis, Pedors are also of benefit to people with corns, bunions, hammertoes, Neuromas, poor circulation or fluid gathering in the feet and possibly those with RSDS and Lupus.


firm specialised in the production of shoes (unisex) destinated to adults that have feet problems like callosities, foot deformations, bunions or to adults that work in a standing position like hospital staff, factory employees, etc.


Powerstep gives your foot the support and stability you need.

"Rehab Warehouse"

dedicated to providing you with everything you might need for your home health care needs, including foot orthotics.

"Sanatrix USA Corp."

specializing in orthopedic shoes and shoes for diabetics.

"Shoe Doctor"

in this website qualified, certified Pedorthists will lend their expertise with articles, up-to-date technology advances, foot health resources, procedures and products, specializing in comfort footwear, orthotics, and custom shoes. Our specialty is fitting those with health problems such as Diabetes, sports injuries and compression therapy.

"Shoefitters Inc."

state of the art Pedorthic facility specializing in the diabetic, arthritic and hard to fit person with a bio-mechanical abnormality. We do custom shoes, orthoses. and shoe modifications as prescribed by your physician.

"Snell Orthotics & Prosthetic Laboratory"

whatever your prosthetic or orthotic needs, for artificial limbs, braces, diabetic or therapeutic shoes, Snell Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory can help.


specializes in designing, modifying and manufacturing footwear and orthotics to help people deal with pain, discomfort and disabilities in legs and feet.

"Sterling Shoes & Pedorthic Services"

provider of comfort and therapeutic footwear.

"The Good Feet Products"

each of The Good FeetSM Products has been carefully selected to provide our customers with the greatest comfort, balance and support. By Dr.'s Own, Inc.


our commitment to making excellent, well fitting, therapeutic footwear is the main focus of our business.

"Trumold Shoes Inc."

custom orthopedic shoes.

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